Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Irish

Today I took a moment off to meet Agata Stoinska "Irish business woman of the year". When I read about her victory it got me thinking about the new blood coming into Ireland, these people staffed our hotels and shops at the beginning. Now they are moving up in the world.
Agata was a an architect but then moved to her passion which is photography.

Her studio is above a garage on North Great Charles St. (I had to find it with the sat nav.)
I have brought 4 lots of people to it now.
You can rent a space to do a shoot or rehearse a play.
The studio also hosts exhibitions Plus they do a photography course.

On top of that she makes films and documentaries, here and in Poland!

Agata I am glad you came to stay.


  1. Would you be willing to trade her for a few of our 'recent arrivals' who refuse to assimilate whatsoever and instead would like to establish Azatlan?

  2. DJ Would you ever behsve yourself ?
    You know I am not talking about the looney fringe.
    While your at take that tea towel off your head.