Friday, May 14, 2010

Changing and challenging times

Have you ever tried Mauritian food?
Go to the Moore St mall, very cheap and cheerful, but they didn't smile

An older landmark. 1885

An English brickie pointed this brickwork out to me.."That is a total mess, look at the way the bricks were not mixed properly and I can see even from here there are a good few upside down as well" He is right there was a lot of bad work done in the Tiger period.
I got fed up waiting at the rank and went cruising around when I picked up 4 people going to the airport. They had just come out of Dunnes stores head office at Stephens st..They didn't look too happy either."Did Maggie give you a hard time?"said I..
They lightened up a bit and we headed out to the airport..As we approached the airport I noticed a Merc as I thought. Then I noticed the word Barabus on the back. A serious car no doubt. When we went up the ramp the car was in front of us and a guy was getting out with a set of golf clubs."He must be good" said I.
When I was driving out the the airport the left hand lane closes and the arsehole of a driver just cut in front of me. I could have hit him between the 2 doors, no signal and he didn't look either..It must be hard to find good help.
It won't be long before he comes to back down to Earth again, with a bump.
Some of these cars are so refined that you forget you have to drive it as well.

School is out and tomorrow is first communion, so there will be boys dressed in fancy suits and shoes as Admirals and Counts.. the girls will be prancing round in their white dresses all dolled up to the nines.. Mum and dad taking up the rear all proud of their little Johnny or Mary.
I have to ask myself what is it all for?
As for taking photos I think it is not PC any more. I mean taking photos of other peoples kids without permission.
This time we drivers who are not new to the game my badge nr was C1313, but you keep loosing them and have to get a new number each time.
Well as I was saying all the school teachers used to hit the ranks at this time and as the school runs finished for other drivers they also came on to the ranks.
Now it is totally mad the streets are totally dog eat dog, respect for other drivers is a thing of the past. If you were driving in the road with your roof light on (for hire) another car would not overtake you. now you would nearly have to drive at 70mph to stay in front. In O'Connell St today I saw a taxi pick up a girl and the rank at Sackville Place only 5 yards away..Other drivers at Heuston station pull up ahead of the queue and walk over to the passengers and tout for business, while the Garda give tickets to the guys trying to get on to the rank.
The regulator in her palace tells me she can't control it (or is that won't)

"A taxi drivers lot is not a happy one"

Us taxi drivers really suffer from bad backs.
Its all the driving a taxi and the wheelchairs in and out not to mention the onset of old age,

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