Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rick Savage

Today was my day off, so in my usual way I worked until
I went for a cuppa and when I came back I had a fair to the airport,
Long hair I felt sure I knew him, he was a bit vague when I staterd talking to him, but I found out he was Rick Savage from Def Leopard.
When I mentioned the days gone by when Def Leopard were bigger than U2 and they were the band of the day...The whole feeling of the nation started to lift around that that time. "Do you remember back then?" he said. Well as they say, how could you forget.
I asked him if they still had the recording studio in Stepaside,"yes we have" came the awnser..But Bob Dalyn never recorded there, which is a story I had heard.
He has a Massarati and he was amused when I told him how the air filter is seldom change when they service the car even though the service costs around £2,000.
But it is fun to drive for sure.

So he has gone back to Sheffield

The fair was €20.70 "I will give you a celebrity discount give me €20" said I

Heres €50 give me €20. A nice guy for a rocker !

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