Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Communion

The footprints of George the 1V cut into stone 1821 Where?

Barges on the Grand canal, It would be nice to see traffic on the canals,like in Holland

Guineys as Dublin as Molly Malone.

Home for some poor individual, just yards from the Posh shops of Grafton St.

Sunday Morning 05.45 home and winding down.
I brought my eldest son to the airport at 7.30 am yesterday he is finished his education for the Summer and he has gone to London in search of work.
My youngest had his last full week at school and over the next few weeks the exams begin.

Exams are important for sure but when you look through the "Rich List" in the Sunday Times you find that people like Richard Branson, Sean Quinn and a guy called Richard Elman from Brighton who left school at 15 only to have amassed a fortune estimated at £1.11 Bn(someone who set that figure could go back to school).
In the rest of the article they value him at 1,550 mill.
Well what I am saying is that exam results are not the end, it would be good to pass everything well. Much better to be a completely rounded person able to communicate, after that a good personality would be a bonus.
Lets say HONEST as well!

So boys and girls as you sit down to exams I wish you all the very best of luck !

There is a teacher sitting the leaving cert for a charity stunt..its 2010 so he is doing 20 honors subjects and 10 pass ones...
Quite a stunt.

When Mother Theresa was awarded some big prize (Like Nobel prize)I told a dolly bird who was getting into the taxi the news, she thought for a second and then said.."Is she that ugly bird that wears a tea towel on he head..Why would she get a prize?"

Inside I'm laughing.
If I couldn't see the funny side/ I would be crying for sure.

So I had an early start worked a bit went back to bed and worked until after

I went into the Loft for Coffey and when I came out I was asked to bring up a buffet meal to Rathfarnham from the Westbury.
First communion and the house looking great, the people were moving round and as I was coming back through Terenure the Jewish people were going to the Synagogue, I asked a lady if there was Barmitzvah today..Why do you ask? she said. Well you are all dressed up and looking great so I thought it must be a special occasion. No but thank you for noticing, then the lights changed.

So with the sunshine and the promise of Summer I worked on.

It was good, the ball kept hopping all night, Strictly come dancing came to the O2 and we had a rugby match, then the students are all breaking up for the Summer, so there was something for everyone for once.

In my travels I called to the Bretzel bakery and got a turnover batch loaf. There is something about this loaf of bread it is fantastic. If you come to Dublin put it on your "To do list.
The guy who runs the "Bretzel" which is the last Kosher bakery in Dublin has an unusual name "William Despard" Well its not a Jewish name for sure, but your Jewishness comes through the mother, so in theory you could have a Rabbi Murphy..

To get back to William he is of Huguenot decent. They came here from France and set up banks,brewing and a host of other industries. The hallmark of the Huguenot is that they were as honest as the day is long so everyone knew where they stood with them. They are like a backbone in modern Irish history.
There is a Huguenot cemetery just beside the Shelbourne hotel.

Another guy I met worked for Google from the start and he talked of his life working there.
He had holidays booked when he joined 3 weeks inter rail in Europe, he said he would cancel. No "go ahead and enjoy yourself" He was paid as well!
The have a gymnasium and Google believes that a fit body gives you a fit mind, so you are paid to exercise.
He spoke of how many big businesses are run with a gentle hand on the tiller. The owner of Ikea came to Dublin town and walked around the new store, he spoke to all the people who worked there.. Then he asked for ideas that could make things better, later on he spoke to customers and asked their opinions.
This guy is one of the richest in the world.
Yet he knows that the biggest nest is built from the smallest twigs.

One of the worlds biggest investors does this too, from the cleaners to the big MD, though when he as spoken everyone from the bottom up he knows a lot about the company.

So that's my 20cent worth.

I wasn't attacked or had any runners, no one nasty but for one lady going to Norhwood from Fagans, They were in great humour and I forgot to start the meter. so I said I suppose it would be around €15 ! well she tie the celling!! She started shouting abuse, So I said "Will I go back to the start and measure it for you again"
So we settled for 10.Then I started the meter and drove back 13..What can you do.

I found a bar check on the seat later.
Mixer 2 €2.49
Martini/Dubone €5.40
Pint of Carlsberg €5.50
Total €13.30

People wonder why the tourists aren't coming back !
Perhaps its the ash? I don't think so.
I wonder what other reason it might be?

I got a nasty shock when I came home, my dog was in a coma on the floor, not blinking and hardly breathing and cold to the touch.
The pooch is diabetic and has to have insulin injected twice a day.
Now had I forgotten to inject last night?
Or had I injected twice by mistake?
I wrapped her in a blanket and injected her before going to bed.
When my wife came down the dog ate 3 bowls of food and was running round the garden when I got up.

Praise be, another miracle.

There is no more digging a hole beside the rose bush in the garden any more.
They have to go to the pet Crematorium.

THERE WAS A DOG WALKING EVENT IN St. Anne's Park today and there was a lady offering the following services. Dog walking, Daycare, Reiki and Bereavement counselling.
I think I will give it a miss thanks

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