Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google People of the World

Firemen do a practice rescue on the river Liffey
Most cities with rivers going through them have the problem of people jumping into the river.In Paris when they jump into the river they are inScene

Beautiful house in Ranelagh

UCD University

UCD Church

High speed broadband arrives on Fosters Avenue

When people get into the taxi you have a glance Black Yellow White what build, dress etc.
Why,? Because I am trying to guess where they are from at a glance, Korea, Japan,China,Mongolia.
All so different yet what are the subtle differences that define a race of people?

So get your cameras out and Google people of the world, lets se the look from Java to Jerusalem from Athens to Addis Abba.

You would have to sort them out by sex and age, so blocks of different people at different stages in life.

It would be great if you could give your friends your reference so they could look at your photo without hassle.

I met Eskimos once from Canada and from most countries in the world.

Some people are really stunning looking the Polish Czech Slovak peoples.The strong Latvian and Russian people with those blue eyes, not to forget the Brazilians with the wonderful mix of European native African and whatever you care to mention.
2 girls from Odessa what crackers just like models.
Did you know that there is a group of peole from Ethopia who are decended from the Queen of Sheeba? C'est vre!

So Google get cracking this is a great one !

Better than putting cameras up high to look into peoples gardens !

I had a lady from Finland in the car this evening, wow that must be a difficult language to speak. She was going to Killarney the floating restaurant beside the conference center.When she finished her call she sympathised with my sneezing from my cat allergy. She is allergic to all furs and has to take drugs to deal with it..But now she is breast feeding so she can't take any medication.

The conference center looks open and I saw loads of people walking with those stupid labels on..It will be great for the city. The police were stopping and searching loads of the drug dealers around Liberty hall. Remember Shaun from the Netherlands who tried to operate a coffee shop then a shop on Amen's St? He told me about what was going on and in Amsterdam the don't sell Heroin on the streets...Though there are more and more drugs shipments being intercepted.

One thin g of interest I did overhear 2 girls heading to the Dundrum shopping center.
One girls boyfriend was working as a long distance driver and was completely exhausted so He handed in his notice and on the last day he was offered a job where he only has to work one week in three !
He is driving cigarettes from England to Italy under armed escort. They are paid danger money as a truck load of cigarettes is worth millions of euro.Whisky, razor blades all these things are highly prized and are transported under strict security.

Sorry I have not been working, tell Kathleen that there is no work for taxi drivers in Dublin.

Too many taxis.

That is my motto.

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