Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lesson learned.

Well one guy is taking his protest to the gates of the Arch Bishops Palace, baby shoes tied on the railings.."A wolf in sheeps clothing" the poster says.
The Bishop himself has Victorian mansion up near Bono's house.
People are sick to death with the churches response.. There should be a LYNCHING party sent over. Good luck with the protest.
Worked yesterday until I couldn't feel my legs because they were numb.
So I stopped and got up this morning, a wet and misty day in Dublin

Sometimes you make a mistake and you say I will NEVER EVER make that mistake again,,but you do.
I picked up a couple with a small kid going to Murrays car hire in Ballsbridge.
Loaded up and off we went. When we got there I stopped the meter e12. "I want you to wait for us and drive in front to get us on to the correct road"
So everything was unloaded. Then his wife paid me while he was in the office.
That was the mistake ! I waited loaded up his car and set off. I drove them down to Heuston and stopped to get the extra e16 which was on the meter.
"This is your road straight on" Then before I drew a breath they drove off.."Thank you John, you are so good!"
I have a broad back so I am well able to take these things and it was my fault, I should have said that she should pay at the end..
Well God looked after me,Just as I was in a fowl mood a girl stopped me, A Russian girl with platinum blond hair and (after she took off the sahdes) cobalt blue eyes.
She had great English and she is a student here in Dublin. Trinity college economics!
Years ago Aer Rianta took over the duty free in Moscow, the fitting out was done by an all Irish crew and when they came back all the lads had fallen in love whit the beautiful women...Sadly those exotoc flowers soon wilted in the Ireland of that time, there was no Skype or internet and they became desperately loneley, after a while many of the marriages broke up and they went home. Now it works as there are so many people from so many countries here that no group is too isolated.
I still think its great, we will great looking kids in a few generations.. The old gene pool need some fresh imput.

A young girl sits writing a text before going to work..


  1. About ten years ago here, the archbishop's 90 acre compound, which included other church facilities, had a state trooper posted at every entrance- I suppose to prevent 'lynchings'. The property has since mostly been sold off to Boston College to cover settlements.

  2. Theese guys are going to have a hard time if there really is a God ?
    Perhaps they know there is no God at all.
    Did you hear about the man who was agnostic, he also was dyslexic as well as an insomniac?

    Well he lay in bed tossing and turning all night long wondering if there really was a Dog.

  3. Love it- you always find humor. When the sell off of church properties here was going full tilt, often when I'd take passengers by the Broadway T in Southie, I'd mention that both the high towered granite church beside it, and the large Vincent DePaul Society building on sloping ground beside that, were being sold off to cover settlements. "Location and names that connect with the people and their history are everything in real estate," I'd say, before adding, "To our right you see Buggering Heights and Diddlers Downs."
    There's a lot I may one day say about things on my own blog, but for now, more often than not, after my shift I visit for nearly half an hour in conversation with one of the sweetest nuns you could imagine. God or not, if I say too much, sweet as she is, she might kill me.