Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 St.Patricks day

Fairgrounds, blocked streets then a run to Howth head.

She hopped into the taxi on Vernon Ave., "Its so hard to get a taxi today" she said.
She was going to Croke Park, "Are you from Brazil" I said, but she was from Poland.
Then it happened the lights were red, but there was nothing coming...So...and the next and the next. "You are allowed to go through red lights on St.Patrick's day" I said.
"I didn't know that" she said.
So as we reached Edges corner I asked her what she would be doing at Croker, are you selling programmes?
"No I am a Garda"
They have recruited a few Polish people and Chinese etc...Hail the new Ireland.

Luckily I was able to erase her memory!

There used to to be a thing on the radio which became "Give up yer auld sins"
Here is the slant on St.Patrick

Now if you go to Australia, be sure you leave enough time to catch your train.
Riverdance tribute !

We have all done it bought that "Cheap flight".. Then we buy another

OK watch the parade from here

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