Thursday, March 03, 2011

When March comes in like a lamb

When March comes in like a lamb.
It goes out like a Lion !

We are really having super clear spring weather. frosty weather which is killing all the bacteria that hung in the air during the winter.

Now for the good news.

Ireland have beaten England at their own game,cricket.
3 of the guys on the team are called "Johnston Mooney and O'Brien"(A famous bakery)

So the headline reads
"Johnston Mooney and O'Brien make toast of Britain."

An exhibition is opening to Phil Lynott in the Stephens green shopping center tomorrow and "hot press have a special issue all about him.

Tonight I am going to Stomp 11 its like riverdance in clogs, at least I hope it will be loud.

I knew you wanted to see that again.

I had a woman in the car a while back who was very wise.
She spoke about the human mind and how we only use less than 10% of it at any one time.
If we used more than that the body would just burn out.

Perhaps when I reflect on the latest murder suicide it helps me to understand how a husband could strangle his wife in front of their 2 year old child and then commit suicide by jumping into the sea.

God bless them all.

There is too much drugs going around, people watching crap on TV and having no direction in their lives.

I was talking to a taxi driver the other day in his 30s with a young family. He has had to put his house on the market,which even if he could sell it he would be left homeless and still in negative equity.
Boys and girls go to MABS
Talk to your lender, they know your Desirable Residence is worthless too.

Do not on any account go to loan sharks,that is the worst thing you could do believe me.

St Patrick,s day is coming and the visitors are starting to arrive.
There is a concert on it should be good.
I must find the festival website for you.
In the meantime here is THAT video again.

Take a look at this. a Greek language course on a device smaller than a pack of fags. 8GB of memory enough to store 3 movies.


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    John, That taxi driver in his 30s that had to sell his house. Is he driving a car that is older than 9 years? If his car is older than 9 years, he is, according to another Irish taxi website, a deadbeat and a bottom feeder. God help us all.

  2. Beautiful trees! Look like the ones here (Alabama, USA) that are in full bloom. I took some pics but haven't posted them yet). I wanted to see "Stomp" but could get to the concert hall but no way to get home; wanted to see "River Dance" too but couldn't for the same reason. That's what happens when your eyesight's not good enough to drive.

  3. No he was a young 30 something with a 04 car.
    Problem is the numbers need to be culled by 2/3
    Well I hope he gets another job because he is dying a little every day as he is going on.