Sunday, March 13, 2011

St.Patricks day

If you go up Blackhorse Ave you will see a distincly Indian army barricks.
Well they got the one designed for Dublin, ours can't be heated, theirs can't be kept cool.

Don't forget to see the Phil Lynott displaqy in the St.Stephens Green shopping center.

Happy St.Patricks day to you all.

Yes folks our patron saint was a Welsh man!

In the West Indies St.Patricks statue stands in pride of place with the snakes at his feet in many homes but it is to represent the snake god DAMBALLAH.

You may remember I had a lady and her daughter going to the Pheonix park,they will not be here for the St.Patricks day parade. She must be still laughing when I told her that unless you get a good vantage point you will see little of the parade.
She was the daughter of the American ambassador to Ireland.

Their seatto see the parade would have been a good one for sure.

The Irish Times today carried an article about the most Irish town in America Butte Montana. Home of the Annaconda copper mine, discovered by a man from Ballyjamesduff Co.Cavan..The folks from the Bera peninsula in Co.Kerry came there to mine and the history is rich in Irish folklore for sure.
You know the Irish went everywhere, set up businesses and sent for the folks back home to come over and give a hand.
There is a book by Tim Pat Coogan called "Wherever green is worn" in it there are tales of Irish people who did the most heroic deeds.
Irish people turning up in the most unlikely places.
Go on its worth a read.

You do know the Queen of England is coming to visit us?

Well her are the folks in Chicago.

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