Friday, March 04, 2011

Saturday again ?

Photo shoot O'Connell St.

This is Skerries

Busking on Grafton St

Wow here I am and I forgot to do the Euromillions.
But I still have my money and the chances of scooping the millions are only slightly better if you do buy the ticket.
Are you coming for Paddys day look here
And on Sunday on Cows lane Temple bar we will have a Russian cultural festival family day between 11am to 5 pm.

No free vodka.

Fridays are slow and this morning was very bad.
Loads of people are on a four day week.
I couldn't get on to any rank so I decided to go home. Then I got a shortie to Dolphin house. (Its a court complex)
The lady in question had slipped in a posh restaurant and had torn 2 tendons in her hand. She had to call over the waiter to show him the wet patch on the floor, he just said " No its not wet" Well 2 solicitors and 3 barristers at her table did not agree with the waiter!
The manager never came over to ask how she was. They asked for an ice pack and it came without a cloth to soak up the drips of water.
A very bad show all round.

My laptop vanished and after 2 weeks it still has not come back, so I am doing this on my new Acer note book.

So in the morning she woke in agony and spent the day in hospital getting it seen to.

She is back at work now and was going to defend her client.

Today the letter was sent to the restaurant informing them that they were being sued!

She told me,and I believe her that had they acted in any caring way and if the injury was less severe she would have not sued. But the damage to her hand is quite bad and after all they do need the work!

When I came home from work the cat had been sick on the carpet and it stank.
So after breakfast I had to steam clean the whole carpet to get rid of the smell.
We bought our own carpet shampooer a few years ago, no more hireing, a great thing.

So as I headed back out I got a run up to the Northside shopping center.

So I did the shopping for the weekend, I only just had enough as I had not planned to go shopping just then you get a lot more for little at Aldi.
So to cut long story short I didn't get back out to work, or get a sleep to work all thought the night.So I will pop off to my cot and have sweet dreams.

Still perhaps I will head down to the boat tomorrow.

Did you hear about John Gilliano?
It is said he went on an anti Jewish rant praising Hitler.
Now Banking, Fashion, theatre and film are all areas where the Jewish people excel.

He has been sacked!

These people get to be so puffed up with their own importance that when they tumble they have a bad landing.

Dior has a vacancy.

Mabel my friend who is 101 years old says that these fashion people must hate women,why else would they make them stand the way they do? Or why are they so thin? When you get older you do get wiser.

So just for you John, here you have a Jewish sermon.

Now here is a guy who dosen't drink.


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  1. thanks, John, for dropping by and leaving those lovely comments on my piece about the Floozie! Glad to hear she's got a new home, even if I do think she is rather scary looking.