Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pancake day

Words from Iveigh buildings..

Intel the biggest "Chipper" in the world.

Waiting for Summer

Ah Its Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras time to head to off to New Orleans !

They are getting into practice for St.Patricks day,

There is a promotion on I wouldn't quite call it a special offer.
A set menu for €25 or €30.
It runs from 21st to 27th of March ie After St.Patricks weekend.
Now in the times we live a promotion would be €15 to €20 max and you could bring your own wine for the duration of the special offer. That would pack them in.

I know a guy who owns a restaurant. "Times are bad" he told me.
So I suggested that he have a cookery night.
Bring in a chef with a bit of flair and prepare food for everyone.
He thought in his wisdom that things will pick up so he will keep on going the way he is. Kevin Thornton and Conrad Gallagher and a few other top chefs think the idea is a good one (no I didn't tell them)and they are having big cook ins, its a big hit.

St.Patricks day is coming and there are loads of visitors in town

Hey driver, Why is the meter at e4'10 ? We are only starting our journey.
In Holland the meter starts at zero.

Well now with Google I beg to differ.

"Customers now pay a base charge of EUR 7.50 maximum, which includes travel for the first two kilometres. The maximum price per subsequent kilometre is EUR 2.20"
It might be even more now,that was 2008.

The only thing I can say when this happens is that they must have never taken a taxi on their own before.

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