Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still not back.


Is this Stork looking for your house?

Good time party buses lined up and ready.

Short back and sides sir?

This pub nearly lost its licence for selling drink to a drunken man.

Here is something quite clever, its not Katie but very good, The dance fits perfectly to the music..
When I was waiting for an aeroplane in England I read that Katie has had a nervous breakdown.
Showbuisness is very hard,travelling all the time on TV stage and very little real quality time.
Add to that that she was only 18 when she shot to stardom.
She is Russian from Belfast,her father is a doctor there.

People come and go today Imelda May from inner city Dublin is the new rising star.
She used to play in Brussels near the Westbury when she was rising, then to the Jules Holland show in London. Imelda has the advantage that her husband plays guitar in the band and the seem to be a close knit group of people, so there is little isolation for any one of them.

Remember Jessie Jackson was in town to address the students?
One of the drivers with a six seater was asked to be there at 11.30 to pick his party up and bring them to UCD. So he turned down 2 other jobs and waited for the appointed time. Then he started the meter and the party came out 20 Min's later.
It turned out that they were going to Trinity college and decided to walk. The driver stopped the meter and asked to be paid, but they just walked away.

I don't blame Mr.Jackson, but what about the rights of the working man !

On my second attempt to join the Heuston rank I failed again and was at the lights heading back into town when I got a tap on the window. "Palmerstown Please"
He was pleasant enough around 19 but talking quietly on the phone perhaps 6 calls in all during the journey, all the time saying where he was.
There were photographers taking photos outside the court and he said his mates girlfriend had been photographed laughing leaving the court, she was just nervous, but the judge must have thought that she was not sorry for her crime (slashing another girl on the face and breast with a bottle) "Her drink had been spiked and she was out of her head" Still the judge gave her 7 years. He knew the young lad who was stabbed to death in the flats complex at Inchacore the other night too.
The more nervous he became the more it effected me as well.
He developed a tic which then turned to a stammer.
The tension started to alarm me too.
Is this a robbery ?
Is this a high jacking?
"Go to Stewarts hospital and down the hill"

A cul de sac,
So I pulled my coin holder over and got ready to beat the crap out of him with it.
He paid me, jumped out and ran off.

My guess is that it was a drugs thing, collection, delivery or payment.

Young people with no jobs are fresh meat for the drug lords.

One of the lads told me that he picked up 3 really aggressive lads going to Inchacore, he was really worried, but as he came out of the dip to pass Dublin Providers there was a Garda checkpoint. The younger Garda waved them through, but the taxi driver slammed on the brakes, blew the horn and jumped out with the keys in his hand. The older Garda turned around and shone in his torch.
"Ah hello lads !, Did you have a good Christmas?"
"Call for a van, these 3 wise men forgot to return to prison after Christmas leave"
So he got paid and they went back to the slammer.

I went to Liffey Valley to buy an ice cream and just as I was walking out a Romanian girl ran over to me to ask if I would bring her to Tallagh?

Wouldn't I just.

She had a package to collect,but it was at the other entrance.

So I walked over to collect it. It turned out to be 4 Stone of frozen chips,which I carried back to the car in my arms,instead of walking back and driving over.

Which is why I now have a sore back.

Still I learned a lot about Romania on the drive.

Oh yes I went for my NCT taxi all cleaned out,


One headlight was brighter than the other !

Retest next week then the "Suitability" test.

There are many taxis in this city being driven by people with forged documents !
That is a fact.
When the regulators enforcers pull on to the rank the allow these guys to drive away.
Then they inspect the papers of everyone who stays on the rank.

As Homer would say. DOH !

There is a guy who consistently picks up around the back of Heuston and right in front of the station as well.
The regulator tells me she cannot stop him (I have the letter).
One of the guys has punched him out cold.
He has amassed fines of over €3,500 which he refuses to pay.

Yet guys are being pulled up for the silliest things.
Martin on the tax Clarence cert and Marty on the licence.
A gap of 1/4 inch on the side of a roof sign.
Worn patch on the arm rest.

Yet they ignore people who are driving taxis who don't even know where the villages of Dublin are. Clontarf , which way to go?

So if the driver is illegal where do we look when he kills or rapes someone ?

It is a bit unfair that a legal driver has to pay tax, insurance and income tax. While the illegal ones do not have to do any of those things.


  1. Jesse Jackson exemplifies the perfect example of a race hustling shameless agitator.

    Bill O'Reilly exposed his repeated history of "attempts to shake down corporations with the threat of organizing boycotts or other measures of intimidation should his victims refuse to knuckle under and cough up substantial sums for his Operation PUSH or other Jackson organizations".

    This link provides more info on this charlatan than I'm sure they ever broadcast in the Mainstream Media on your side of the pond.

  2. Well JD, just another example of snake oil salesmen, with their sweet words. While they dip their hands in the pockets of the poor.
    You would often wonder if the large Media corporations are in on the scam. Perhaps it is so bad at the top that everyone has somethinig on everyone else.
    So you have a big Mexican stand off.
    There was a bishop over who stole thousands from an African aid charity. Guess what?
    He never paid a penny back.

  3. i fully enjoyed this post. Im sorry about the "illegals", but what will you do about it? I wonder...

  4. You would often wonder if the large Media corporations are in on the scam

    Insofar as the *ahem* "reverends" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are concerned, they NEVER criticize them over here. This only enables them to become more emboldened to go for the truly BIG payouts that they basically extort.

    If ever youre interested, check out Tyrone's blog. It's called Wake up Black America and he pulls no punches whatsoever.

  5. Zoolsterr It's like many things. I can do nothing about it, except from time to time point out what is going on. Then I will be able to say "I told you so", when something very serious happens. Which won't be much good for the victim.
    I have written to everyone who tell me, "Our officers are doing routine checks":::,,,,etc etc.It is a bit shocking really.
    I will write to Santa this year, he grants big wishes.