Sunday, March 13, 2011

People of Japan

Hands across the sea.

Let me and all the taxi drivers of Dublin extend our deepest sympathy to the Japanese people following the disaster caused by the tsunami.

We assure you all that the Irish people are willing to offer help in your hour of need.


  1. john you are very kind! i can say for all of us here in arizona, our hearts are broken! friday morning when i woke my 6 year old daughter star up to get ready for school she said "mom i had a terrible dream... a giant wave came and washed me away... i went under without my breath, i wasn't the only one and we were stuck in the mud..."
    no doubt everyone with a connection to the universe is grieving! we are sending our love and prayers as well!

  2. One charity that delivers alot of bang for the donated buck is Baptist Global Response.

    Quote.."The Japanese government is very strong and able to respond and is not asking for private help from outsiders," said Jeff Palmer, BGR executive director. "However, BGR working through our Japanese brothers and sisters, we will be able to mount a response that will be effective, meet needs in overlooked areas and help strengthen the witness of Japanese believers to hope in Christ. Please pray for the response. Please pray for wisdom and knowledge as we try and discern how to best help. Most of all, please pray for Japan: physically and spiritually." Link