Saturday, March 26, 2011

Improved a little

At the moment of arrest the girl in the blue track suit is caught. The girl with the bag on her back is being pushed back as she shouts "I'll always love you Mary"


Folks wait for the Aircoach to the airport.Bet they all wish they had the worlds lightest luggage.

Taking the bus home

This house was on Abbey St.lost to Dublin Corperation when the tenant stopped paying rent, the Corpo didn't act and he won squatters rights

Elizabeth Taylor died and was buried last week.
Colin Farrell read this poem at her funeral.
Sooner him than me!

Richard Burton had such a wonderful voice though, didn't he?

Still I wouldn't like to leave my friends with such a conundrum something like this would be much better,

Perhaps for the more sentimental there is Emely Dickenson.

While I was looking this up I noticed I noticed ads for beautiful Chinese brides.
"Hey lads I am trying to write a eulogy, give me a day to recover"

This bad back is a total feck!
But it is far from being terminal for sure.


Talking about travel, did you ever think about going to Sydney from London and visa versa by Bus?
Then take a look here.
In Ireland you can go to London for €50 return using Eurolines, with 2 big bags, then onward through Europe,as far as St.Petersburg and Istanbul. I just found I can get a Eurail pass for €239 which gives me 5 days travel over 10 days
or 10 days travel in 22 for €339.
Look into it here
A great way to see Europe, much better than a bus.
Do you remember in every city the cheapest accommodation is near the railway station. The most expensive is at the airport.

If that old ash cloud comes back again, just use it!
I remember a woman who just Had to be back in America.

Book a ticket on an ocean liner I said.
She looked at me as if I was mad and said.
"I can't, I have no dresses for dinner at night"

Well there you have it. Never made it through vanity.

Here is a prize winning act from FISM in Blackpool, its amazing what you can find on you tube.

The cube has a beautiful air of being totally weightless.
Quite wonderful.
I still can't find the great French act which stole the show.

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  1. Quite a selection of fascinating snippets. Always interesting to look in at your blog.