Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another day in paradise

Guard Dogs

Dolphin House

Urban wasteland

Urban paradise
For different creatures time moves at a different speed.
The May fly lives for only one day, and what a happy day he makes of it.
I can't believe it is Friday again.
For taxi drivers the time spent on ranks at the airport has expanded to 3 or more hours between jobs. Lets hope they are studying for a PHD while they wait.
By the way the cost of the airport pass is over e400(That is a pass to pick up people)
Do you want to see a photo of the toilets that are provided for the 4 to 6 thousand taxi drivers who use the airport? Don't ask.

Sorry for showing you this again.
But its so great, lighten up.
So what rocks your boat John?
My life is still like a twig flowing with the tide, going where it takes me.
A little flick of the tail and I go a slightly different way.
I wanted to show a regular customer a fantastic magic trick I bought at Blackpool.
So I put in into the taxi and as luck would have it I picked met her on the road.
The presentation on my behalf was poor. Driving a car and trying to produce 2 live goldfish from a sheet of paper definitely 4 penalty points and an e80 fine!

Jesus Christ was the reaction !

Must practice more.

Then I picked up 2 Turkish business men going to the Greenhills Rd.
"We need to go to the airport in 45 minutes, what would you do for us ?"
So........ I will come back and wait for you and I won't start the meter again until you come back....
OK ! deal done.
The fare was e20 then when they got back in.....Across the M50 with a e3 toll the total came to e61.
The guy handed me e60,,,,, well I had spent just over an hour waiting for no fee so I played hard ball. "Its all there on the printed receipt,you have to pay the fare."
There are enough airport police standing around to enforce your rights, don't be a fool.
Guys like that who are given the best service and don't even want to pay the fare will get the luck that they deserve. It's not up to me to curse them.
Allah will come to my rescue.
When I came home my son had taken out the other car and became stranded with a flat battery. "Where are you? I will collect you." "No I am OK"
I went to have a sleep and was awoken with the call "A mechanic has been called to David and he needs paying" No way was that to happen.
A strict lecture on common sense followed by a post mortem on what went wrong. Car turned off with heater and lights on... WRONG !

So later on I was Knackered and went to bed.
Once upon a time I used to do all night what it now takes me all night to do...Joking

One word of warning to anyone going to a show.

This nearly happened to me as well.

I picked up a couple from London. The Temple bar hotel and back again as quick as you can. When you buy tickets from Ticketmasters they come in a big strip, some of those "Tickets" are receipts, and he had brought instead of 2 tickets a ticket and a receipt.
Now his taxi fare was e21, 20 is OK and he insisted on paying me e25.

The other hand the Turkish guys I had waited for for over an hour with no charge and they wanted to leave me e1 short!

I do know that someone up there will be looking at the record and they will take care of things.....Euromillions ? Please.

No I know a few places where some money would help a lot.
Did you ever hear of Fr,McVerry and the work he does with drug addicts?

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